Since summer is coming sooner or later, many homeowners have a lot of questions about summer tree care. During summer, people tend to spend most of their time on their lawns. Due to the current pandemic, more and more individuals will probably spend more time in their yards. 

Today, we are going to share with you some of the most common tree care questions that homeowners ask a Daly City tree service company during summer. 

How Does Mulch Help My Trees? 

In general, mulch helps your trees by cultivating and promoting the health of a tree. It helps insulate roots from severe temperatures and helps lower water evaporation. Thus, it maintains a constant temperature and preserves moisture. Since you’re also limiting the amount of light the weed seeds obtain, mulch also helps lower the number of weeds around trees. Your trees will have less competition for nutrients if there are little-to-no weeds surrounding them. Your place will also look cleaner. Furthermore, tree roots are offered with organic matter and nutrients as the mulch decomposes into the soil. 

Why Is My Ash Canopy Looking Thin? 

There are a lot of reasons why your ash canopy is thinning, just like the yellowing of leaves. One of the most common reasons is the infestation of emerald ash borer. It’s a pest that’s common in several areas. Usually, an indication of ash borer infestation is thinning of the ash tree canopy, together with the yellowing of leaves and unusual woodpecker activity.  

The ideal course of action is to contact a tree care company if the canopy of your ash tree is thinning. These professionals can evaluate and fix your problem. 

How Does Pruning and Trimming Help During Summer? 

Pruning and trimming can protect your tree during summer storms. The reason for this is that you’re getting rid of any weak or dead branches from trees. Getting rid of these branches can make your tree less susceptible to falling over during storms. You can enhance airflow if you trim branches. This lowers the resistance of trees to the wind. Thus, lowering the possibility that the whole tree can fall during a storm. You can make your house safer because of this.  

Why Am I Experiencing Yellowing of Leaves? 

 There are a couple of issues that might lead to the yellowing of leaves. One of the most common reasons is that the soil or tree is lacking the right nutrients to generate chlorophyll. In addition to that, yellow leaves can also be a reaction to the sudden dryness and heat of summer, particularly after a productive and rainy spring.  

On the other hand, the cause might be serious, such as diseases or pests. One type of pest that can lead to the yellowing of leaves is aphids.  

What’s Deep Root Watering? 

The process of watering the tree’s deep roots rather than simply watering the surface is called deep root watering. Almost every individual waters the ground surface near their trees. However, before the water reaches the roots, it evaporates quickly. Watering shallowly can result in unhealthy and shallow root systems. You’re making your tree more susceptible to falling over during strong winds and storms.